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  • "Free Golf for Life?"
    17 December 2017 + video

  • "Until I entered politics, I’d never been called 'unethical.'"
    10 December 2017

  • "We are all in this together, even if we think we're not."
    19 November 2017

  • "I believe we are not defined by a position, an argument, a political party -- rather, we are defined by the quality of our relationships, both with ourselves and with others."
    7 November 2017

  • "Political consultants say to win an election one should 'activate supporters' and 'de-activate opponents’ supporters. That may make sense for winning an election, but overall I don’t think it benefits our democracy."
    16 October 2017

  • "Why I’m Running for Jamestown Mayor and not for Town Council: in a word, 'humility.'" 
    8 October 2017

  • "Laying the cards on the table: my answer to the questions posed by the Jamestown News for mayoral candidates"
    17 September 2017

  • "May peace be with you by choosing to respond to the argument or act, not to the person."
    3 September 2017

  • "Elected officials shouldn’t 'secretly elope' in order to pass good laws"
    13 August 2017

  • "I’m speaking to government service, not government business except insofar as the business of government is to serve."
    23 July 2017

  • "Coming home to America is coming home to an idea, because it's principally an idea that makes this country different"
    9 July 2017

  • "Yes, they failed. They didn’t live up to their own words. Now what?"
    18 June 2017

  • "Some history isn't 'doomed' by repetition: acts of civic mindedness, moral courage, and care for fellow citizens."
    11 June 2017

  • "If we are to move forward, it will take a shift that changes angry shouts of 'no, stupid' to 'we can do better'"
    4 June 2017

  • "A budget allows one to compare apples to apples, yes, but doesn’t account for the intrinsic value of various fruits."
    28 May 2017

  • "U.S. citizenship comes with a political burden, and Social Media makes that burden harder. Still, I'm jumping in."
    21 May 2017

  • "I pay with taxes and hopefully, service, because, like health insurance, one day or another we all depend on laws"
    7 May 2017

  • "'The right kinds of promises': the ones I know I can keep."
    30 April 2017 

  • "There is great need in this state and — overall — great need in our country for actual. representative. government."
    23 April 2017

  • "Blessed with literacy & taking encouragement from Gutenberg, am reflecting this Easter Sunday on 'Doubting Thomas'"
    16 April 2017

  • "A 'livingwage': we've done it before; our small businesses have done it before; we can do it again; we should."
    9 April 2017

  • "Of which group are you -- rule-followers, rule-ignorers, or do-as-others-do? What about your political leaders?"
    2 April 2017

  • "Seeking a Political System of Poetry and Prose"
    26 March 2017

  • "'If you can’t appeal to their sense of morality or their ethics, try appealing to their wallets.'"
    19 March 2017

  • "What have I changed in my life since Election Day, 2016? I’ve... surprised myself at how passionate I am."
    12 March 2017

  • "'A problem carefully stated is often half solved.' But societal problems persist and take continuous work."
    5 March 2017

  • "Whether the Office of President or the Town Council, Let Us Have Transparency In All Forms of Government."
    26 February 2017

  • "I hold dear our traditional American values, especially the freedom of religion, which means most especially the freedom from religion being in our government." 
    19 February 2017

  • "Maybe it’s because I’m a younger brother that my sense of justice is — friends have told me — overdeveloped." 
    12 February 2017

  • "It's a curious time to enter politics. In part, I'm doing it for gray's sake." 
    5 February 2017